Kansas Automobile Accident Attorney Answers Your Questions on the Takata Airbag Recall

U.S. safety regulators are urging owners of vehicles involved in the Takata air bag recall to have their vehicles repaired.  Many have put off getting their cars fixed due to this series of recalls dating back to 2008.  The airbag recall now spans at least 7.8 million vehicles by 10 different automakers.  The threat posed by these defective airbags is great—they have been known to explode and spew deadly metal debris if they inflate in a crash.  Much confusion currently surrounds the recall, however, as it has just recently been drastically expanded.  The following are answers to some crucial questions surrounding the recalls:

Q:  How do I know if my car is among those recalled?

Most recalled vehicle owners will receive a notice in the mail.  If you have not received such a notice, or lost the notice, you can either visit the government’s website at safecar.gov or go to the maker of your automobile’s website.  Both these sites should allow you to enter your vehicle’s identification or VIN number to determine its recall status.  The government database site has experienced some technical difficulties in the wake of the recall, so at this time the automaker may be your best bet.

Q:  If my car is one of the recalled models, what should I do?

You should immediately contact a dealer for your vehicle and schedule a repair appointment.  Particularly if you live in an area of higher temperatures or humidity, you could be at serious risk.  Some automakers are currently experiencing long wait times due to part shortages.  Some individual makers are recommending you now allow passengers to sit in the front seat until the repair has been made.

Q:  How soon will my car be fixed?

It will depend upon your automaker.  Some automakers have plenty of the necessary replacement part, the airbag inflator, in stock.  For others, there will be a wait.  The government is pushing automakers to make quicker repairs and offer loaner vehicles to those who have to wait.

Q:  What will happen in the meantime?

This will also depend upon your automaker.  Some automakers, like Toyota, have disabled the passenger airbags and applied a warning sticker that no one should ride in the front passenger seat until the replacement has been installed.  BMW, on the other hand, is simply suggesting drivers not allow passengers to occupy the seat but has not taken more extreme measures to disable the device, which it believes has a low chance of abnormal deployment.

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Kansas Automobile Accident Attorney Answers Your Questions on the Takata Airbag Recall
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