Kansas Personal Injury Attorney Discusses RV Travel Safety

Recreational vehicles, commonly abbreviated as RVs, offer a wonderful means of gathering family and hitting the road.  Traveling in RVs, families can reach anywhere in Kansas and beyond, exploring the countryside and many local attractions.  Kansas offers numerous destinations for RV travelers to visit and RV parks scattered throughout the state make this an easy and convenient form of transportation.

Mechanical defects, improper maintenance, and driver error are just a few things that can cause serious accidents and lead to devastating consequences.  The following is a look at the most common causes of RV accidents and some travel tips to help ensure you and your family stay safe while hitting the open road in your recreational vehicle.

      • Operator error:  RVs are massive vehicles that are far longer, heavier, and taller than the cars most drivers are used to operating.  Driving an RV safely will take practice, skill, and caution.  Drivers of RVs often fail to adhere to basic traffic rules, such as passing in a safe manner, stopping at all stop signs and lights.  When the drivers of these large vehicles violate safety rules, the consequences can be severe.  RVs do not allow for quick braking or turning, so drivers must exercise vigilance and not place themselves in the position of having to make sudden maneuvers.
      • Road hazards: Some roads can present difficulties for RVs due to uneven surfaces or sharp turns.  Poor road conditions can lead to a loss of control of the RV and accidents.  The drivers of RVs should pay close attention to road conditions ahead and keep their speed at or below posted minimums so as to prevent loss of control accidents.
      • Impaired driving:  Drinking and driving a large vehicle like an RV is not just illegal, it is extremely dangerous.  Driving an RV requires more focus and attention than navigating the average automobile.  Never drink and drive; instead, park your RV in a safe location and plan to stay if you intend to consume alcohol.
      • Maintenance Issues and Vehicle Defects:  Many things can go wrong with an RV which can cause serious problems, including:
      • Faulty brakes—due to their immense size, RVs require a sophisticated braking system that is kept in top working order.  Brake recalls are commonplace, so always check to see if your vehicle is included in the recall list before setting off on a road trip.
      • Worn tires—RVs can be rough on tires.  Tires that lack sufficient tread or are defective can cause road blowouts.  Properly maintain and replace all tires, and check for recalls on tires regularly.

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Traveling in a recreational vehicle can be the perfect way to see more of Kansas or venture out of state all in the comfort of your vehicle, surrounded by your family.  RV travel is traditionally a safe way to travel, but accidents still can and do occur.  By adhering to the safety tips offered above, you can help ensure your travels are pleasant and accident free.  In the event you are involved in an accident, whether it is an RV accident or any other, Kansas Personal Injury Attorney Michael R. Lawless of the Lenexa, Kansas law firm Michael R. Lawless, P.A. is here to assist you.  Michael Lawless offers excellence of legal services to all accident victims.  He will assist you in obtaining a full recovery for your medical expenses, lost wages, and more following a serious accident.  To schedule your free consultation, call our office at (913) 681-5566 or toll-free at (800) 734-3771.  You can also use the contact us section of our website.


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Kansas Personal Injury Attorney Discusses RV Travel Safety
Kansas Personal Injury Attorney explains tips for safe RVing.