Kansas Automobile Accident Attorney Reports: An Additional Three Million Vehicles May Have Defective Airbags

Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) urged that an additional three million vehicles may be in need of urgent repairs to prevent drivers and passengers from being injured or killed due to defective airbags.  This makes a total of 7.8 million vehicles that are part of a massive recalls of airbags manufactured by Takata.  At least four deaths are linked to the defective airbags.  These four individuals died when the inflator mechanisms within the defective Takata airbags ruptured, sending shooting metal fragments at the unsuspecting drivers and passengers.  Now, automobiles manufactured by Subaru and Mitsubishi have been added to the recall list.

The NHSTA has warned owners who live in warm states, including Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Puerto Rico, parts of Texas, Guam, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Saipan, and Hawaii to aggressively act on the recall notice. This is in part because studies show that extended exposure to high temperatures and humidity may be a factor in the airbag problem.

All car owners are urged to check their manufacturer’s website for recall information, as so many makes and models are involved. Thus far, several hundred thousand vehicles manufactured by BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota are included in the recall.  Model years range from 2001 to 2008.  As more information unfolds, it is likely other vehicles may be added to the list.

Thus far, the airbag recall has been met with much scrutiny.  Several senators and lawmakers criticized the NHSTA for its handling of the recall, demanded a broader recall, and called for a further accounting of how recalls were handled.  Initially, a recall in June included faulty airbags located in just two states, Florida and Hawaii, and two territories, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.  Honda then expanded the recall to include another 2.4 vehicles sold in other Southern states.

Humidity is believed to cause the faulty airbags to erupt, sending shrapnel into car occupants.  At least four deaths and more than 100 injuries are attributed to these rupturing airbags.  Senators expressed concern over the limited nature of the recall, as several other states are also home to much heat and humidity.  Their strong push was likely a major contributing factor in the NHSTA’s decision to expand the recall to include another 4.7 million vehicles nationwide.

Anyone with an affected vehicle should contact their automobile manufacturer as soon as possible.  There is currently a shortage of replacement parts and many owners of recalled vehicles are finding themselves lengthy periods of time.  Those on Capitol Hill are pushing for automakers to provide loaner cars to the car owners unable to receive an immediate repair.  Automakers have been reluctant thus far, but given the grave danger of the airbags all car owners should demand something so necessary.

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Kansas Automobile Accident Attorney Reports: An Additional Three Million Vehicles May Have Defective Airbags
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