Kansas Personal Injury Lawyer Reports: Bus Accident Highlights Dangers for Traveling Kansas Sports Teams

Schools all across Kansas routinely host sporting events, and travel to other destinations to participate in sporting events. On these occasions, students often travel by bus, which can be stressful for anxious parents eagerly awaiting their return. In most cases, students are safely transported to and from their destination; however, in some cases, parents’ worst nightmares become reality when the bus their children are traveling in is involved in an automobile accident.

A recent out-of-state media account of just such an accident highlights the importance of roadway safety for buses. According to the article, a group of college softball players were traveling on Interstate 35 when a tractor-trailer drove through the median and struck the bus they occupied. Authorities stated that the road curved to the right, but the tractor-trailer continued straight, entered oncoming traffic lanes, and collided with the bus without braking.

National Transportation Safety Board officials commented that the tractor-trailer continued to travel for as much as 300-feet after striking the bus, crossed additional travel lanes, and drove into a group of trees. Investigators are working to determine if a mechanical problem contributed to the crash, though preliminary investigations indicated no problems with the truck’s braking system. Ongoing investigations are attempting to determine if the truck driver was impaired, indisposed, distracted, or suffered from a medical condition.

The bus involved in this tragic accident was occupied by 15 softball players and was driven by their coach. Four of the occupants were killed in the collision. All four victims were under the age of 21. Two occupants were seriously injured and remained hospitalized for days following the accident, and several others sustained minor injuries. Reports do not indicate if the truck driver sustained injuries in the accident, only that the investigation continues and he has not been criminally charged at this time. Officials stated that the truck driver claimed to have been distracted by something in the cab of the truck, but declined to provide further information.

Tragic Example of the Importance of Road Safety

This story occurred out-of-state, but it is relevant to all Kansas motorists. Buses and tractor-trailers are large, heavy vehicles and the result of an accident involving these vehicles is often devastating and catastrophic. Kansas motorists should be cautious and aware of large vehicles near them on the roadway and be diligent in following proper safety guidelines, including avoiding distraction. Distracted driving is a far too common cause of injurious or fatal automobile accidents in Kansas, and all across the United States. The majority of these accidents are needless and could have been avoided if proper care was paid to the dangers distracted driving poses to all those on the roadway.

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Kansas Personal Injury Lawyer Reports: Bus Accident Highlights Dangers for Traveling Kansas Sports Teams
Kansas Personal Injury Lawyer discusses bus safety issues for traveling sports teams.