Kansas Personal Injury Attorney offers Tips and Tricks for a Safe Halloween

October is a prime time to highlight the importance of roadway safety. From interstates to quiet neighborhoods, cooler temperatures and the upcoming holiday, Halloween, means more drivers and pedestrians on our state’s roadways. Especially the weekend of Halloween when special events are held and trick-or-treaters are walking along the road, it is important that parents and drivers be aware of potential dangers and use caution.

What Parents Need to Know

As parents prepare their little ghouls and goblins for a fun weekend of make-believe, it is important that they also prepare them for possible dangers. According to the National Safety Council, there are several important things parents should keep in mind, such as:

  • Always pair children under age 12 with a responsible adult
  • Prepare in advance a route for children to follow while trick-or-treating
  • Know who your children are going to be walking with, and where they live
  • Instruct children to only approach well-lit homes or apartments, and to never enter a stranger’s home
  • Instruct children to keep all candy sealed until they return home and the candy can be inspected
  • Review traffic safety guidelines for your neighborhood before venturing out
  • Use a pin to attach your contact information to the inside of your child’s costume in case he or she gets separated from you or the assigned group
  • Establish a set time for children to return home, or to a rendezvous point before trick-or-treating

What Motorists Need to Know

While Kansas motorists are already tasked with being mindful of pedestrians near the roadway, the days around Halloween are special cause for caution and awareness. Motorists should be especially careful to avoid distractions and impairment during this time. The National Safety Council recommends the following safety guidelines for motorists on Halloween:

  • Drive slowly around parked cars and be on the lookout for children moving between them.
  • Be mindful of medians and curbs, and keep watch for children walking near these locations.
  • Halloween is a common time for children (and adults) to be dressed in dark clothing. During the evening and nighttime hours, be especially mindful of this and watch for pedestrians.
  • Proceed cautiously when entering or exiting driveways, alleys, or dimly-lit intersections.

Anyone Can Fall Victim

While Halloween may be more dangerous for children as they are often less visible and may not be aware of the dangers of the roadway, the dangers posed to pedestrians are real no matter what age. It is important that anyone venturing out on Halloween exercise extreme caution and communicate effectively with those around them. Halloween adventurers of any age should have a plan in case an accident occurs, and should seek legal guidance as soon as an injury occurs.

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Kansas Personal Injury Attorney Offers Tips and Tricks for a Safe Halloween
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