Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer Reports: Kansas Toddler Injured by Lawnmower at Daycare

A Wichita, Kansas toddler was seriously injured in a lawnmower accident that occurred at a home daycare.  The 18 month old girl was apparently outside when her leg was run over by a push mower at approximately 9 a.m. on August 21.  At the time of the incident, there was one adult and five children in the backyard, including two one-year-olds and three three-your olds.

he toddler was rushed by EMS to Via Christi Hospital St. Francis.  She was later transferred to a Kansas City hospital.  Her leg injury is reported as severe, but her current condition is unknown.  Police said she may face amputation of the leg below the knee, though doctors at the Kansas City hospital are working to save her leg.

The daycare, known as Toytown Daycare, was issued an emergency order of suspension.  Its owner/operator has been charged and arrested for aggravated child endangerment.

One day later, in Hutchinson, Kansas, a man in Reno County died after a tractor lawnmower accident.  The man had finished mowing his field and headed across the street.  The mower rolled over in the ditch.  The man was trapped underneath the back mower attached to the trailer.  He perished as a result of the crush injury.  Investigators are still trying to determine why the deceased individual took that route through the ditch instead of his normal route to the garage.

These two tragic lawnmower accidents come two months after a Lenexa, Kansas accident in which a young boy was run over by a riding mower.  In that accident, the boy’s father accidentally backed over his son, seriously injuring the four year old boy.

This series of lawnmower accidents occurring in Kansas highlights the dangers posed by lawnmowers, particularly to children.  Lawnmower accidents occur more often than most would think.  About 3,700 children under the age of 14 are transported to the emergency room following lawnmower accidents each year.  Another 17,000 children are treated by doctors for injuries stemming from lawnmower accidents.

Riding lawnmowers are considered the most hazardous due to their size and, in turn, their potential to inflict serious and sometimes deadly injuries. Young children playing outside while someone is mowing are most at risk.  While newer models of riding mowers are designed so that they cannot be accidently thrown into reverse, older models still hold the potential for accidental reversing.

If your child has been injured in a lawnmower accident that may have involved operator negligence or a defective lawnmower, contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.  The manufacturers of defective lawnmowers can be held accountable for the injuries your child sustained, as can lawnmower operators who failed to act with reasonable care.

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Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer Reports: Kansas Toddler Injured by Lawnmower at Daycare
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