Kansas City Workers Compensation Attorney Explains the Most Common Workplace Injuries in Kansas

Over 4,500 American workers are killed on the job each year, while millions more suffer serious but non-fatal injuries.  Every year, 3.3 million people suffer a workplace injury that will permanently affect them.  Most of these accidents are entirely preventable and occur as a result of employers failing to maintain a safe work environment.

The following is a look at the most common types of workplace accidents in Kansas and nationwide.  This list is intended to help workers stay safe on the job.

    • Overexertion Injuries: Overexertion injuries can occur as a result of pulling, pushing, lifting, carrying, holding, and throwing activities at work.  Overexertion injuries are not consistently the most common, but they are the most expensive.  These injuries account for $3.4 million in benefit costs annually.
    • Slipping/Tripping Accidents: Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents are the number two cause of workplace injuries.  These accidents occur when employees slip on slick surfaces or trip over something lying on the floor.  Employers have a duty to maintain a reasonably safe work environment, which includes keeping the workplace free of known slipping or tripping hazards.
    • Falling From Heights: This type of fall happens from elevated areas, such as ladders, roofs, and stairways.  Falling from heights accidents can be caused by slippery surfaces or faulty equipment.  Employers can reduce the risk of these serious accidents by using proper personal protection gear, training all employees thoroughly, and overseeing employees with diligence.
    • Reaction Injuries: This type of injury is caused by slipping and tripping without actually falling.  Reaction injuries can cause muscle damage, body trauma, and other medical issues.
    • Falling Object Injuries: Objects that fall from ladders, shelves, roofs, and the like can cause serious injuries.  Head injuries most often occur as a result of this type of accident.  Use of proper protective gear, such as a hard hat, can prove vital in keeping employees safe.
    • Vehicle Accidents: Employees who drive as a part of their job are often injured in automobile accidents.  These accidents can be serious and even fatal.  Employee safe driving training and employer policies regarding safe driving can reduce accidents.
    • Machine Entanglement: Employees can find their clothing, shoes, hair, fingers, or other body parts trapped in heavy equipment or machinery.  This happens most often in factories where no precaution is taken.  Protective guards and other equipment can avoid this potentially catastrophic injury.
    • Repetitive Motion Injuries: This type of injury occurs over long periods of time, during which employees repeat the same motions.  Repetitive motion injuries often include carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, strained muscles or tendons, and vision problems.  The use of proper ergonomic equipment can reduce the incidence of these injuries.

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Kansas City Workers Compensation Attorney Explains the Most Common Workplace Injuries in Kansas
Kansas City Workers Compensation Attorney discusses the most common Kansas workplace injuries.