Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Car Accidents and Back Injuries

Thousands of car accidents occur each day.  Back injuries are among the most common of all injuries sustained by automobile accident victims.  Even a seemingly minor car accident can result in back injuries due to the jarring motion experienced during a crash.  The human body, and the spinal cord in particular, is not designed to absorb such a jar, even in low speed accidents.  Minor back injuries can have a significant impact on your daily life.  More serious back injuries can prove catastrophic, preventing you from being able to conduct basic living tasks or work duties.

Types of Back Injuries Following a Crash

The spinal cord can be divided into three regions: the neck or cervical vertebrae; the upper back or thoracic vertebrae; and the lower back or lumbar vertebrae.  Each of these sections of the back contain ligaments, discs, muscles, tendons, and nerves that when injured will cause varying degrees of pain and either temporary or permanent harm.

  1. Herniated Discs: Herniated discs are sustained by victims of many car accidents. Discs acts as cushions within the spine, separating vertebrae and insulating the spine.  A herniated disc occurs when a disc becomes displaced.  This displacement puts pressure on the spinal cord and causes intense pain and numbness in the legs.
  2. Thoracic Spine Injuries: Injuries to the upper or thoracic region of the back are generally the most serious.  The upper back connects the spine and the ribs.  Damage to this area most often occurs in high speed crashes.  Permanent nerve damage can be suffered in thoracic spine injuries.
  3. Spinal Cord Injuries: Injuries to the spine are among the most serious of back injuries.  These injuries range from bruising to permanent spinal cord damage, which will result in long term disability.  Spinal cord injuries often cause partial or total paralysis, loss of reflexes, or loss of feeling in certain regions of the body.  Treatment for spinal cord injuries generally requires surgery, medication, and much physical therapy.
  4. Lumbar Spine Injuries: The lumbar area contains most of the muscles necessary to provide stability to the rest of the body.  A strain or sprain to your lumbar back can be extremely painful.  Fractures in this region can result in swelling, bruising, tenderness, and limited movement.  These injuries often severely limit an individual’s ability to perform work or living tasks.

Following a car accident, your back injury will be evaluated to determine its severity.  Often, doctors will use x-rays, MRIs, myelograms bone scans, and CT scans to determine the severity of the back injuries.  Most back injuries will require physical therapy, pain medication, and chiropractic care.

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Car accidents caused by negligent drivers or defective automobiles can inflict serious and sometimes permanent back injuries.  The back is a sensitive area of the body, easily injured in a crash.  Back injuries often require months or even years of treatment in the hopes of fully curing the ailment.  The Lenexa, Kansas City Personal injury Attorney at the law firm of Michael R. Lawless, P.A. is committed to helping you fight for your rights and legal interests. We will continue to fight for the recovery of accident victims injured in crashes caused by negligence as we have done for over 27 years.  To schedule a free consultation to discuss your potential accident case, contact Michael R. Lawless, PA by calling our office locally at (913) 681-5566, or you may call us toll-free at (800) 734-3771.  You may also contact us online and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Car Accidents and Back Injuries
Kansas City Personal injury Attorney discusses how car accidents can lead to serious back injuries.