Lenexa, Kansas Boy Seriously Injured in Lawn Mower Accident

Doctors are working to save the arm of a four year old boy who was seriously injured in a lawn mower accident.  A hand doctor and a vascular surgeon have already performed one surgery.  They are now monitoring the condition of young Truett Shacklett to determine what the next step should be following his unfortunate accident with a ride on lawnmower.

Truett’s father was mowing the lawn with a riding mower earlier this month when he accidently backed over his young son. Truett’s leg was lost in the accident.  He was transported by helicopter to Children’s Mercy Hospital, and then transferred to the University of Kansas Hospital.  Specialists there are working to save his right arm.

The accident occurred on June 9, 2014 at about 5:15 p.m.  Truett, who is described by his church pastor as a great kid that is full of energy, was evidently running around the yard while his father cut the grass.

Truett’s tragic accident highlights the dangers of lawn mowers, particularly to children.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission reveals that lawn mower accidents are more common than most Americans would think.  An estimated 3,700 children under the age of 14 are brought into the emergency room following lawn mower accidents each year.  Over 17,000 children and teens are treated by doctors for injuries stemming from lawn mowers.

Riding mowers are among the most dangerous, as their large size holds the potential to inflict serious and sometimes deadly injuries.  Mowers traveling in reverse pose a particular threat to young children playing nearby, who are not visible to the rider.  John Deere and several other riding mower manufacturers have changed their mowers designs in the past 10 to 12 years to prevent the mowers from accidentally being thrown into reverse.  Many older mowers, however, still hold the potential for accidental reversing.  All lawn mower operators are encouraged to look down and behind before and during moving in reverse.

Lawn mower technology has improved greatly in the past few years, but some of these technological advances have come at the cost of safety.  Zero turn radius mowers are prone to hazardous rollovers, causing the rider to be thrown off and exposed to the mower blades.  Defective lawn mowers have caught fire when the fuel line separates from the tank.   Other safety defects, such as the failure to shut off properly, inadvertent moves into reverse, or blades loosening during operation, can cause serious injuries.

Anyone who has been injured in a lawn mower accident that may have involved a defective lawn mower, or was caused by the negligence of another, is advised to consult with an attorney as soon as possible after the accident.  The manufacturers of defective lawn mowers can be found liable for the injuries resulting from their use.  Further, those who negligently operate a lawn mower and injure another can be held accountable in a personal injury suit.

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Lenexa, Kansas Boy Loses Leg in Lawn Mower Accident
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