Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney States: Youth Sports Injuries are on the Rise

Youth sports have become extremely popular throughout the U.S., with the number of student athletes growing by the year.  Today, over 60% of all school aged children play some sort of sport outside of school.  This amounts to over 4.5 million children in the U.S. playing a youth sport each year.  While youth sports are just a fun hobby for some, other children quickly dream of the big leagues.  However, for an increasing number of young athletes, this dream is shattered due to serious injuries.

New studies demonstrate that an alarming 3.5 million school aged children are injured playing sports each year.  These injuries consist of more than minor bumps and bruises.  Over 1.35 million children become seriously injured playing sports, requiring a visit to the ER.  Across the U.S., a child athlete will visit the emergency room for a sports-related injury every 25 seconds.

While these statistics are troubling, perhaps even more concerning is the fact that the rate of youth sports injuries appears to be on the rise.  The number of injuries sustained by school aged athletes playing football and baseball has increased by 60% in just the past few years.

Young Athletes and Concussions

Concussions are one of the most serious injuries sustained by children sports players and they occur with regularity.  Almost 150,000 child and teen football players suffered a concussion last year alone.  Concussions account for nearly 15% of all emergency room visits.  The number of child football players suffering from concussions has doubled in the last decade.

High school football has actually become more dangerous than college football.  High school players sustain twice as many concussions as their college aged counterparts.  Further, while children generally heal quicker and more efficiently than adults, recovery from a concussion is an exception to this rule.  Children actually take longer to heal from a concussion than adults.  This increased recovery period is due to the fact that children’s brains are still maturing and thus more vulnerable to brain injury.

The dangers associated with concussions have caught national attention with the recent NFL litigation and several high profile, serious injuries occurring to football players, young and old.  In response to the new evidence as to the dangers of concussions and the rising rates of injury among young sports players, President Obama has scheduled a conference to discuss the issue and strategize ways to make sports safer for children.  The conference will be held on May 29, 2014, and is slated to include athletes, parents, children, coaches, and experts.  It is entitled the “Healthy Kids & Safe Sports Concussion Summit,” and the President hopes it will lead to new commitments from both the public and private sector to research and prevent sports related concussions.

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