Kansas City Product Liability Attorney Discusses Dangerous Toys

Toys are synonymous with childhood, lovingly given to children of all ages to enjoy and entertain. Parents, grandparents, other relatives, and friends purchase children’s toys assuming them to be safe for their young recipient. However, a glance at recent news headlines reveals that a number of recalls of defective toys and children’s products have occurred in recent years. Every year across the U.S., approximately 18 children are killed in toy related accidents. Another 230,000 children will sustain toy related injuries that require treatment in the hospital. Sadly, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the number of injuries associated with toys is actually on the rise. The majority of these accidents and injuries occur to children under the age of 15.

Common Types of Defective Toys

Defective toys can cause injuries in a number of ways, from parts that break off and choke a child to toys made toxic by lead. While any toy can be defective, the following toys have been found to harbor defects most often:

• Playpen
• Tricycles
• Crib
• Clothing
• Toy guns
• Stuffed animals
• Magnetic toys
• Rocking horses
• Kitchen sets and ovens
• Games
• Dolls
• Scooters
• Balls
• Swimming pool toys
• Car seats

Notable Recalls and Lawsuits

Several recalls have made headline news in recent years. Lead has become a serious concern in children’s toys, and Mattel was involved in a high profile suit for its lead containing toys. Mattel and its Fisher-Price subsidiary agreed to settle a lawsuit over the 2007 recall of millions of toys manufactured in China which were found to have high levels of lead.

Toymaker Henry Gordon International settled a toy gun defect claim for over $1.1 million. The toy dart gun involved was sold in Family Dollar Stores. The gun was linked to the deaths of at least four children, caused by placing the gun in their mouths and firing the dart. The dart became lodged in their throats, blocking their air passages and leading to suffocation. Over 1.8 million such toys were recalled.

Manufacturer’s Liability for Defective Toys

Toy manufacturers and makers have a legal duty to make safe toys. Suppliers and distributors have a further duty to keep the toys in undamaged condition for the child’s use. When a child is injured or killed due to a defective toy or product, the manufacturer and possibly the supplier or distributor could be held accountable. If your child has been hurt or killed by a defective toy, you should seek the representation of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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