Kansas Motorcycle Accident Attorney Discusses Importance of Safety Helmets

Motorcycle accidents cause serious injuries and death to many Kansas citizens each year.   In fact, it is inevitable that any motorcycle accident is likely to result in serious injuries, at a minimum.  While motorcyclists are certainly taking a risk by sharing Kansas roadways with semi-trucks, automobiles, pickup trucks, and fellow motorcyclists, they still should be protected and are entitled to compensation when their injuries are caused by another’s negligent conduct.

Under Kansas law, safety helmets are only required for motorcyclists under the age of 18.  However, Kansas also has comparative fault for personal injury and other tort lawsuits, whereby a jury may decide that your failure to wear a helmet contributed to your injuries.  Your potential compensation may be reduced by the percentage you are found to be at fault for your own injuries.  This may not seem fair, but this is the standard in Kansas, and every motorcyclist should be aware of the limits that may be placed on a potential personal injury lawsuit.

To ensure that your decision to operate your motorcycle without a safety helmet does not hinder your ability to receive compensation for your injuries, you should allow a Kansas City motorcycle accident attorney to review your potential case in great detail.  It takes the skill of a qualified motorcycle accident attorney to determine if a negligent driver was at fault for causing the accident that you were involved in, and this is the most important part of your case.  Whether or not you were wearing a helmet should not be the most important factor considered, and you deserve an attorney who will do his or her best to limit the negative impact of your choice to not wear a safety helmet.

Drivers Are In a Better Position to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcyclists drive too fast on our Kansas highways, and drive erratically, changing lanes frequently without signaling.  However, this is not representative of most Kansas motorcyclists.  The fact of the matter is that many drivers operate their vehicles dangerously on our Kansas roadways as well, and this poses a serious risk of harm to other motorists, but especially motorcyclists.  Motorcyclists are naturally at risk for harm due to the small size of the motorcycle and the lack of a protected vehicle.  Cars and trucks have greater visibility and can move to avoid hitting a smaller motorcycle much easier than they can avoid hitting another car or truck.

Motorists often have trouble sharing the road, and must learn to do so in order to promote the safety of all drivers in an effort to prevent unnecessary accidents.  This unfortunately is not the case for many motorists, and this results in motorcycle accidents on a regular basis.  Motorcyclists have a duty to adhere to all Kansas traffic laws, but they are not in a position to avoid accidents in the same way that cars and trucks can.  Until the majority of motorists can learn to safely share the road, accident will continue to occur, and the consequences will be the serious injury and possible death of hundreds of innocent motorcyclists.

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