The “One Bite” Rule in Kansas for Dog Bite Accidents

Owning a dog can bring a family closer together. It can provide companionship for parents and kids alike. A dog can protect its family and provide joy in our lives. However, we all must remember that dogs are animals with instincts that go back for generations. Humans have domesticated what once was a wild animal. Therefore, dog owners must always be cautious and ensure their dogs are properly trained and socialized in order to decrease the chances that a dog bite accident may occur.

Under Kansas law, the common law rule regarding dog bites applies. If a dog owner knows, or has reason to know that his or her dog is dangerous, then the dog owner is therefore put on notice that the dog may attack or bite another pet or person upon contact. For example, if you own a dog and your dog growls or snaps at another person, this is sufficient to know that your dog is potentially dangerous. Thus, the owner is given “one bite,” or one warning that he or she will be liable for any future bites. However, it is important to understand that if a dog does bite or attack an individual, and the individual suffers an injury as a result, the owner is liable regardless of whether or not the owner was aware the dog was potentially dangerous.

A dog owner should be aware that his or her dog is potentially dangerous if the dog has a tendency to growl, snap or jump on other people, even if the dog does not actually bite. For example, if a dog frantically barks in its own backyard along the fence, and growls at people walking by on the visible sidewalk, this may be sufficient for the owner to be aware the dog is potentially dangerous. Further, if a dog jumps and knocks someone over, but does not bite, if that person is injured, the owner may be liable for the injuries.

What We Can Do To Prevent Dog Bites?

In order to minimize the serious injuries and deaths that occur everywhere across the United States from dog bites, dog owners must be overly cautious. This means that if an owner has even the slightest feeling that his or her dog may be aggressive towards others, it is best not to allow the dog to come into close contact with others. However, if a dog is socialized from an early age, this may prevent the dog from showing signs of aggression in adulthood. Socialization while on leash is the best thing dog owners can do, encouraging their dogs to be friendly with others (i.e., praising a dog for showing positive behaviors towards another pet or person. The bottom line is that dogs can be unpredictable due to their nature as animals, and dog bites are dangerous incidents that all dog owners need to take very seriously.

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