Insomnia Linked To Workplace Injuries

Today, we are constantly going in our lives on an average, and daily basis. From the moment we wake up we are immediately expected to get complete our morning routines in order to get out the door and on to our professional responsibilities. While at work the majority of Americans are working long, and strenuous hours from five to six days a week at the office, and then on top of that are expected to run errands not only for themselves, but their families as well. Yet, are the majority of these individuals who are in “Go” mode constantly getting an ample amount of sleep?

Where Has The Sand Man Gone?

In this day and age it is very rare for an individual to get a healthy, and normal amount of sleep that many health professionals recommend. Normally, it is recommended that individuals get a regular 8 hours of sleep per evening, but as we all know time is of the essence, which is something we lack greatly. In other words, individuals are working and staying up more and resting less. The economy today has also pushed individuals to work harder in order to be seen performing more, and more efficiently in order to keep their employment.

While productivity is a driving force for many companies especially in the midst of economic issues it also is a method that can lead workers to being injured more regularly as well. Recently, a study published in Archives of General Psychiatry took a closer look at what insomnia truly had in store for the majority of workers. The research article took a look insomnia related accidents, and injuries and reported that nearly 274,000 occur each year, which can cost up to $31.1 billion in property and equipment damages as well as medical injury expenses. The study examined 10,000 workers and correlated a 1 to 5 ratio of workers who normally struggled and worked under insomnia related situations.

Hopefully as we look to the future we can only hope that employers will advocate and promote a healthy lifestyle for their employees in order to not only decrease the likelihood of work place accidents and errors, but also in order to help increase the health, happiness, and efficiency of all.

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