How To Properly Handle A Worker’s Compensation Claim

Accidents and mistakes are a fairly common part of life, which we exhibit on a day –to-day basis. When an accident occurs we automatically begin to deal with the consequences as soon as the action is over. While some accidents can be fairly simple and just be a slap on the wrist others can be devastating to individuals and result in serious injuries, and even death. When you are on the job and an accident occurs it is extremely important to file a worker’s compensation claim in order to not only bring up the issue to the appropriate entities, but also to help get you compensation you deserve from your injury occurring.

Beginning At Start The Right Way

Yet, how do you actually handle a worker’s compensation claim from start to finish? When dealing with an injury on the job it is extremely important to file a claim the moment the injury happens. Yes, you do have a bit of time to wait in order to see how serious the injury actually is, but it is highly advised that you speak to either your supervisor, or business official about your injury early on to give them a clear indication of what happened, as well as how you feel.

Dealing With Claim Like A Professional

From there, after you have filled out a claim make sure to be completely honest with your boss, or superior in order to make sure that you not only get the damages you need, but to also fix whatever problem took place so that others do not have to deal with a similar injury. From there, if your claim goes ignored try to then speak to a higher superior about the issue to give your employer the benefit of the doubt that they not only will help you receive the proper compensation, but will also fix the issue.

If your injury and claim still goes unnoticed it is time for you to seek out an experienced, and an ultimately dedicated worker’s compensation attorney. With the help of a skilled worker’s compensation attorney you can expect that your case will be fought from start to finish with your best interest in mind in order to get you the potential damages you may be entitled to. Without one, you injury and claim could simply continue to be swept under the rug.

Changes are constantly made within the field of employment, so if you plan on filing a workman’s compensation claim, it would be best to seek professional help. It is important to have someone on your side that knows the law and knows how to make it work for you. Michael R. Lawless, P.A., Attorney at Law specializes in these types of case. He provides a free consultation, including evenings and weekends by appointment, at their offices in Lenexa, Kansas or Grandview, Missouri offices. Call today at 1-800-734-3771, 913-681-5566 or 816-966-0099.