Families Have Rights As Well

Employment is a very sticky situation today within the United States. No matter what walk of life you are you are feeling the economic recession in multiple ways whether it is inflated bills, saving over spending, or simply just not having the financial means you once did. With everyone trying to make sure that they keep their job, and keep getting paid they are doing whatever it takes to keep their employment intact. However, this is now causing a great deal of injuries on the job, which is then seen as a worker’s compensation case. However, do families actually have rights in worker’s compensation cases?

The Facts of Worker’s Compensation Today

Many jobs today can be very dangerous if employees are not trained properly, or due to the materials that employees are actually handling. Yet, we all know we are all human and accidents are a common aspect of life even within the workforce. In the employment field of construction, and building workers are put at constant risk of accidents that can easily end in serious injuries, and even death. One case truly highlights the possibilities that can easily occur on a construction sight.

Worker’s Compensation, and Your Family

A 24-year-old man was just a normal construction employee on a construction sight for a mid-sized building. However, work quickly changed to tragedy in an instant for the man and his family. The man was injured due to a forklift and was rushed to a nearby hospital in order to treat his injuries. However, the man suffered from massive internal injuries and died that same day. Although the man died is his family still able to claim compensation and damages for the accident that took place?

The answer is yes; your family may be entitled to damages, and compensation for the accident, especially if the family member that was killed while on the job was bringing the larger portion of the income home for the family, and their expenses. No matter what situation you face with worker’s compensation you need an experienced, and ultimately a dedicated worker’s compensation attorney at your side from start to finish. With an attorney at your side you expect your case, your rights, and your damages fought for appropriately.

Changes are constantly made within the field of employment, so if you plan on filing a workman’s compensation claim, it would be best to seek professional help. It is important to have someone on your side that knows the law and knows how to make it work for you. Michael R. Lawless, P.A., Attorney at Law specializes in these types of case. He provides a free consultation, including evenings and weekends by appointment, at their offices in Lenexa, Kansas or Grandview, Missouri offices. Call today at 1-800-734-3771, 913-681-5566 or 816-966-0099.