Understanding Your Written Worker’s Compensation Claim

Today, the United States is within an economic recession, which ultimately impacts many different aspects of life for Americans. Whether you own a business, or work for one you are ultimately feeling the recession each and everyday. The majority of consumers today are not only spending less, but also saving more. Unfortunately, this is not only resulting in a decline of business, but also a decline in employment, which has many people doing whatever it takes to keep their current employment. Yet, when you are injured on the job you are entitled to worker’s compensation.

What Is A Claim?

A common aspect of worker’s compensation is that of actually filing a claim. Many people assume that writing a claim is as simple as filling in a few words here or there, or writing a report and having your superior sign off on it. However, that is not the case at all. Many times, claims that are written badly, or written that do not express the seriousness of the injury simply go untouched, and just end up in the trash can at the end of the day.

How A Claim Actually Works

So, how do you actually write a worker’s compensation claim that not only gets the attention that you need for you, and your injury, but also gets you the damages that you deserve? What is important that many employees need to understand is that the moment the injury takes place you have approximately 200 days in order to report the injury, and file a claim. After that, your injury can easily be disregarded, especially since you seemed to let it go unnoticed for almost a whole year.  When filing your claim you need to express extreme detail about the accident, when it took place, what caused it, the medical treatment that you had to receive as a result of it, and the physical, and financial costs it has had on you and your family.

Ultimately, when it comes down to filing a worker’s compensation claim you and your case can prosper greatly from contacting an experienced worker’s compensation claim attorney. With an attorney on your side you can expect that your rights, and your case will be fought for with dedication, and understanding. Without one, your case can easily fall in between the cracks, and your injury go unnoticed, or provided for.

Changes are constantly made within the field of employment, so if you plan on filing a workman’s compensation claim, it would be best to seek professional help. It is important to have someone on your side that knows the law and knows how to make it work for you. Michael R. Lawless, P.A., Attorney at Law specializes in these types of case. He provides a free consultation, including evenings and weekends by appointment, at their offices in Lenexa, Kansas or Grandview, Missouri offices. Call today at 1-800-734-3771, 913-681-5566 or 816-966-0099.