Changes Impacting Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

Workers compensation is there not only to give financial damages to an individual for any injuries that they have sustained, but it is there to ultimately help them get back to work. While some individuals take advantage of the system and try to get more money than they deserve, others truly rely on this money to help them pay medical bills that are associated with their injury and simply just to get back on their feet.  Today, many lawmakers are proposing changes within worker’s compensation claims in order to have more injuries covered by that of the program. Yet, is this helping or hurting your chances of getting the damages you truly need, and deserve?

While adding more workplace injuries to a program that would make the ones covered automatically assume that it is a good thing. Such things as illnesses and other forms of injuries will be taken in, which limit the liability that an employer has to have,which means less law suits altogether. However, this does mean that a cap, or a maximum amount, will be set on the injuries that are looked at as possible routes to workers compensation claims. Basically, it means that you could have an injury that you end up having to seek medical attention for. Yes, it will be covered under worker’s compensation, but that does not mean it will cover all of it.

Individuals can easily assume that their bills would  be completely paid for, as they should be. The law also limits the type of things that individuals can sue their bosses, or employers for. Another aspect of the changes that can soon be seen is that of worker’s who are not registered and documented employees not receiving worker’s compensation at all.

In today’s day and age, especially with the economy in its state you not only deserve worker’s compensation, but you need it. When you are injured while on the job do not hesitate to contact a dedicated, and committed attorney to help you every step of the way in order to get the damages you are rightfully entitled to.

Changes are constantly made within the field of employment, so if you plan on filing a workman’s compensation claim, it would be best to seek professional help. It is important to have someone on your side that knows the law and knows how to make it work for you. Michael R. Lawless, P.A., Attorney at Law specializes in these types of case. He provides a free consultation, including evenings and weekends by appointment, at their offices in Lenexa, Kansas or Grandview, Missouri offices. Call today at 1-800-734-3771, 913-681-5566 or 816-966-0099.